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Play Balls Manufacture

​Onotoys, a leader in its sector with its high production capacity, exports mainly to Europe, as well as to Central Asian and African countries.

  • Outdoor Playgrounds

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Children's Entertainment Areas

Ball Pit Balls and Playgrounds

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Color your playground with colorful ball pit balls. The colorful world of ball pit balls and more

Foldable Ball Pool-1.jpg

Round  Sponge ve  Foldable Ball Pit for Toddler



Slides, swings, themed play sets; iron and wooden play sets more

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Onotoys is a Onok Endustri ve Plastik Ltd. It is a registered trademark of the company.
Onok Industry has been producing many product groups since our establishment and also receives support from other manufacturers as contract manufacturing. Within our product groups, we produce many product groups such as sports group equipment, children's toys and playgrounds, and sell the products we produce to foreign markets. The products we produce are produced according to European standards and our products have a test certificate and European certificate of conformity.

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