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Recommendations for Toys

The child should be able to easily hold and grasp the toy.

It should support the child's dexterity, creativity, thought, memory and imagination.

The toy should be solid, it should be easy to clean.

Babies and young children should not share their toys. Young children often take their toys to their mouths. For this reason, toys should be thoroughly washed and cleaned before using another child.

After playing with your child's toys, pack them in a box where you reserve them for dirty toys and put them out of the reach of children. After cleaning, transfer to the other box where clean toys stop.

Do not leave children alone in water games and in the kitchen.

Teach your children to replace their toys after the game is over.

Do not buy cheap and very simple toys. Pay special attention if you are going to buy toys from toy stores.

Make sure that the toy has instructions for use on the packaging / label.

Soft animals and babies should be washed. In such toys, eyes, nose, buttons and other details should be sewn or glued so as not to break. If the child puts them in their mouth, such parts may break and block the child's trachea.

Some toys, such as rattles, compressible toys, and teethers, must be too large to pass through the throat of the newborn. Children who do not sit on their own should have protruding parts or glued parts of the toys they take to rattle, teething rings and similar mouths. Do not forget that such parts may break and block the trachea of ​​the child if the child puts them in his mouth.

Take the toys and check them thoroughly. The soft filling materials in the toy should not contain any hard or pointed foreign matter such as metal particles, needles and splinters.

Do not buy toys made of thin, quick-break plastic. Toys for children under the age of three must be made of very hard material.

Throw away the thin plastic packaging and broken toys before they get into the child's hands.

Cut out the plastic tags attached to the toy, the plastic laces of the price tags, and so on. This kind of small thing can break and enter the mouth of the child and pose a danger.

Check whether the seams of the toy have been removed by pulling on it.

Do not buy toys made of soft plastic that smells bad.

Pay attention to the small toys inside the chocolate eggs. These can be dangerous to the child's throat.

Expanding toys (toys that grow and expand when thrown in water-like liquid) should not expand by more than 50%.

Chalk, crayons, felt-tip pens and cloths should be custom made for young children. It can be dangerous for adults to pick up the pencils used in the mouth of the child and lick them or shape their skin with them.

Toys with long strands, cords and ribbons can also pose a danger to young children. These ties and cords can wrap around the child's neck, preventing them from breathing.

When the child is about 6 months old and can get up on his hands or knees, remove the toys laid on his bed.

Keep out loud toys away from children.

Hairy toys should be kept away from allergic children, especially since they may cause some problems in terms of allergies. Also, such toys can accommodate germs more quickly and are very difficult to clean.

In slides, hanging swings and rings, trapezes, ropes and similar toys, which are attached to a beam, and other toys that are designed to carry a child's mass, make sure that the main parts (hangers, fastenings, etc.) are maintained and checked so that the car does not topple over or cause any accident.

Children should definitely play functional toys, which are a scaled model of the particular product, tool or device designed mostly for adults.

Toy phones, remote control cars, toy repair tools, many electronic toys mostly make long-term and loud sounds. You can try such toys in the shop. Be very careful especially in toys that the child holds close to his ear, such as a toy cell phone. If the toy sounds loud and disturbing when you put it near your ear, do not buy it.

Sound toys, music boxes, rattles and other baby toys generally make acceptable sounds today. However, before purchasing such toys, try to get them closer to your ear. This type of toy can be harmful if it comes to your ear while lying down, or it can disturb the child if the sound is loud.

Always use quality batteries in battery operated toys and make sure that the battery storage area of ​​the toy is screwed and securely closed.

When purchasing a battery operated toy, make sure that the following information is on the package / label and follow these points while using it.

Always and legibly display correct battery polarity and normal battery voltage and (if equipped with a battery case) DC sign on battery powered toys

How to remove and install replaceable batteries

Non-rechargeable batteries cannot be charged

Charging under adult supervision

Old and new batteries not being used together

Alkali, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-chocolate, nickel-cadmium) batteries are not used together

Growing batteries at the right poles

Removing exhausted batteries from the toy

When purchasing bicycles for children of all ages, purchase a helmet with them and make sure the child wears it.

Some toys must have warning text and age limits on them. Toys made for older children can pose a danger to young children. They carry a special warning sign that is dangerous for children under 3 years old. Be sure to read the warning text.

The toy must bear the name or brand of the manufacturer or importer. Unnamed toys can be dangerous.

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