7 cm 500's Play Pool Balls


Play pool balls in our production are made of valve-free stylish and economical, as well as raw materials and paints that do not contain carcinogenic substances in terms of child health.

Consisting of durable, lightweight and flexible material, pool balls are in the dimensions of 6cm, 7cm and 9cm.

In accordance with special requests and projects, manufacturing can be made according to uniform color selection.

6 cm 500's Play Pool Balls

  • Usage age 12+ months
    Valve-free design
    Sturdy, Light and Flexible Material
    Raw material that does not contain carcinogenic substances and suitable for child health.
    Product dimensions: W: 26 L: 26 H: 52Cm
    Packaged Product Dimensions: W: 52 L: 62 H: 108 Cm