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What is a Kids Play Pool Ball?

When to Buy Ball Pool?

The ball pool is a game device that children love to play. Ball pools, which are frequently seen in places such as amusement parks and shopping centers, are suitable for children between the ages of 12 months and 10, although it is not possible to set a general age limit.

How to Use the Ball Pool?

The ball pool that comes in the package can be used easily after installation, it does not require any other action. Thanks to their portable and flexible material, they can be collected and removed after use, or they can be fixed. Ball pools and the balls in the pool are made of flexible, durable and light material. Therefore, the products do not cause any injury due to weight, breakage or slipping.

What Should the Sizes of Ball Pools Be?

There is no standard size for ball pools. The number and age of users are details to consider when sizing. Ball pools of 83 x 86.5 x 39 cm are recommended for children aged 12 months to 5 years. Models of 160 x 160 x 200 cm or larger can be used for older ages and more users. In ball pools to be used in the home environment, the portability of the product is as important as its size.

How to Choose a Ball Pool?

Ball pools are products that vary according to needs. The number of users, their age, the way of use, whether portable or fixed, are important details in product preference. If the number of children is 2 or more, larger ball pools should be preferred. If it will be used in the home environment and will not be fixed, portable, foldable and small size ball pools are more ideal. Size preference should be made according to the age of the user.

Where Can the Ball Pool Be Used?

Ball pools can be used almost anywhere with a flat surface. The portable ball pools in question can be used in various areas of the house such as children's room, living room, hall. If small ball pools are preferred, it is ideal to install on a product that reduces slipperiness, such as carpet, in order to avoid problems due to surface slipperiness. In addition, playgrounds can be used in picnics and in the garden. There is no harm in getting wet or dirty, it can be easily cleaned.

How Should Ball Pools Be Cleaned?

Ball pools, together with the balls in them, are suitable for cleaning with soap and water. Balls made of plastic should not be cleaned with water at high temperatures. For cleaning, there is no need to use a chemical substance such as bleach or detergent other than soap. Ball pools made of cloth can be wiped with cloth and soapy water.

What Should Be Considered When Using Ball Pool?

Ball pools are generally harmless playing equipment. It is ideal for children under the age of 3 to use under parental supervision, in case of swallowing. Mesh ball pools are suitable for outdoor use in case of preventing the substances that may come from outside and the possibility of the child falling. In domestic use, ball pools with nets can be used so that the balls do not scatter around and the child is not injured by falling out of the pool.

In addition, it is more appropriate in terms of product life to prefer ball pools, which are planned to be used in outdoor areas such as picnics, gardens and balconies, to products made of durable and flexible plastic instead of cloth material. While the products made of cloth are easier to get dirty and torn, ball pools made of plastic are more resistant to tears and breakage and are easier to clean. For long-lasting use, contact with high temperatures should be avoided.

Is there any problem in using ball pools with other toys?

Although ball pools vary in size and model, they can usually be used with other toys. You can provide different game combinations by using ball pools together with other toys your child likes. You can also use ball pools by increasing or decreasing the number of balls in them. Ball pool prices also vary according to product features.


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