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Children's Play Pool Manufacturing

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Children's ball pit balls, which is indispensable for children and is very popular, is offered to our customers as OnoToys.

This children's playground ball, which can be defined as a mini playground when evaluated technically, is among the most preferred game tools due to its ergonomic design and budget-friendly features. Which is used for entertainment purposes with ball pit balls manufacturing, stocking and sales are carried out.

The game pit balls in our manufacture are designed without valve, stylish and economical, as well as made of raw materials and paint that do not contain carcinogenic substances in terms of children's health.

Consisting of strong, light and flexible material as a structure, pool balls are in the dimensions of 6cm, 7cm and 9cm.

Production can be made according to a single type of color selection in line with special requests and projects.

We do not have a retail sale for this product, please request an offer for your wholesale ball purchases.


Children's playground ball can be easily installed and prepared for use in almost any area because it is generally easy to carry and can create an entertainment environment for children in a short time compared to normal playgrounds.

In order to prevent a physical injury, children are kept under constant observation by their parents when they are usually left empty. Children's play pool ball completely eliminates this worry of parents. The reason is; The pool creates a safety barrier against its own border areas and mental dangers that may come from the environment. Since there are usually game balls in the pool, children do not tend to external factors much.

The game pool, which hosts different models according to its size and shape, is also suitable for domestic use.

The indispensable choice of children who want to have fun

Children's pool ball, which is an indispensable part of children's rooms in domestic use, also draws attention with its ergonomic design. Children's pool ball; It can be used both as an entertainment area for rooms and as a storage area for toys and unnecessary items in the room. If a larger product is selected in terms of size, more children can spend time.

The product is presented to the user in single color and multi-color. Since children mostly spend time, there is no harmful active ingredient during the production phase. The colored pool balls used with the product can also be offered for sale in one color or multi-color upon request.lti-color upon request.


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